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Meet the Owlfinches

We both trained in holistic massage at one of the country’s top massage colleges, learning to combine anatomical understanding with the best of Swedish, deep tissue and more subtle techniques with a focus on always putting the person first. 


Specifically, we both hold a Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, accredited by the Massage training Institute (MTI). As members of MTI, we hold ourselves to a high standard of practice and professionalism. 


We massage people, not bodies. We always connect with clients as individuals and adapt your massage according to what you need in the moment.  It’s a creative process, not just following a routine, and we take into account your emotional as well as physical needs.

Massage room at the Alma Vale Centre

Our cozy, spacious treatment room at The Alma Vale Centre.

We have one of the few therapy rooms in Bristol where you and a loved one can get a massage together, at the same time.


As far as we know, it’s actually the only one where the therapists working with you aren’t just colleagues who happen to be on the same shift, but real-life partners who share a deep connection and have been learning and practising together since the beginning. We doubt you’ll get a cosier, more soothing experience anywhere else.


Phaedra (she/they)

My background is in psychology and puzzles, and I bring those with me to my massage practice. I offer a calm and safe space where what you want is the main priority, and then I work out the puzzle of what your body needs, in this very moment, to relax. 

I trained at BCMB where I cultivated a deeper awareness of what it’s like to be in my body, and I want to pass that on to others. There is nothing better out there than deep, embodied relaxation. 

My intention always is to be accepting and welcoming of everyone. I know what it’s like to be different. I myself manage Type 1 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and my Neurodivergence daily. There’s no judgement here, we’re all doing what we can to cope and take care of ourselves. 

My Qualifications: 
  • Psychology (BSc Hons) - 2016

  • Counselling Psychology (Grad Cert) - 2017

  • The Care Certificate - 2018

  • Holistic Massage & Bodywork Diploma (Level 4, BCMB) - 2021

  • How to Become a Trauma-Savvy Practitioner (SCMT) - 2022

  • CPD - Chair Massage (BCMB) - 2022

  • CPD - Alleviating Headaches (BCMB) - 2022

  • CPD - Acupressure Facial Therapy (BCMB) - 2023

  • CPD - Deep Tissue Massage (BCMB) - 2023

Phaedra Profile_edited_edited.jpg
Adriano (they/any)

I’m fascinated by the infinite complexity of the human body and its connections to the mind. I love that something as deceptively simple as offering touch to the soft tissues of the body can have such profound effects on our stress, sleep, mood, pain, injury recovery, posture, movement … well, the list goes on.


A book called The Body Keeps the Score Bessel van der Kolk was quite instrumental in attracting me to massage, and I’ve been amazed by how it can access the profound connection between body and mind when it comes to holding on to and processing trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety.


A safe, comfortable place where you can inhabit your own self and a safe, comfortable pair of hands to work with you can be incredibly healing.

My Qualifications: 
  • Holistic Massage & Bodywork Diploma (Level 4, BCMB) - 2022

  • CPD - Acupressure Facial Therapy (BCMB) - 2023

  • CPD - Deep Tissue Massage (BCMB) - 2023

Adriano Profile_edited.jpg

Our Love Story

We met at university, and after a few years of good friendship, we found ourselves in the same country and on the same page at the same time! That was in 2015, and we’ve been on the same page ever since. 


We’re best friends in life, hobbies and business, and we also co-host a TTRPG podcast together called Stars Are Right. 


When we decided to get married, we chose to merge our last names - Howlett and Florou (that’s Greek for greenfinch!). Together, they make an Owlfinch - a friendly and curious little bird native to Australia.

Adriano & Phaedra Owlfinch of Owlfinch Therapies Massage
Phaedra signature.png
Adriano signature.png

Our Massage Story

During the pandemic, Phaedra made the tough decision to move away from working as a support worker. Adriano encouraged her to qualify as a massage therapist - presumably for completely selfless reasons!


Having enjoyed her training so much, Phaedra urged Adriano to follow suit. Phaedra had been working as a massage therapist for a year before Adriano qualified and joined the ranks.


Now, Owlfinch Therapies belongs to both, and they’re having a blast growing and learning together. 

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