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Individual Massage
with Adriano

client-centred holistic and deep tissue treatments
to help you feel your very best

A holistic massage from the amazing Adriano Owlfinch: Swedish and deep tissue techniques combined to bring you a tailored experience that will offer you exactly what you need at that moment: Rest, Restoration, Relaxation, or even a Remedial approach to soothe those tense muscles.

Sessions come in different lengths:


  • 60 minutes is best for focused work in a few areas (e.g. back, neck and shoulders), or for a lighter full-body massage for general relaxation with no particular focus.


  • 90 minutes gives the time for a full body massage that also works up to deeper pressure or brings particular focus to one or a few areas.


  • 120 minutes is plenty of time to cover the whole body in detail, as well as bringing focus to a number of particular areas of injury or discomfort or using special techniques such as joint mobilisation, stretching, etc.


Initial sessions start at 75 minutes to give us a chance to get to know each other and form a treatment plan, which is a crucial part of the holistic massage process. 

Every session starts with a consultation where I will explore with you what type of massage would most benefit you. You can bring specific issues or areas you’d like to target, but you don’t have to - I will check in with how your body is feeling on the day and will suggest a plan for your massage.

You’ll then be left to get comfortable on the cushioned massage table complete with heated blanket. I will work up to your preferred level of pressure, and always give you the opportunity to make any changes: this is your massage, and as holistic therapists we don’t simply follow a set sequence that may not fit you. But if you just want to zone out in silence and enjoy, that’s fine too! After the massage, I’ll leave a few minutes for you to get dressed and for feedback before your session ends

“Super professional and relaxing massage with Adriano. He checked in with me at the beginning and made sure we were on the same page as far as what I wanted from my session. The atmosphere was super relaxing and the massage was fantastic! Highly recommend for de-stressing and deep relaxation. :)"

Stacey L.

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