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Massage For Two

Ideal for friends, relatives and other loved ones

A Massage for Two is great for friends, relatives and all the special people in your life. Getting a massage is the perfect way to relax and unwind together, and it can bring you closer with those who matter to you. They’re perfect as a thoughtful gift - check out our vouchers - or to celebrate a special occasion, or just to make time for some healing and self-care for both of you. You don’t need an excuse to take the time to reap the physical, mental, and emotional  benefits of healing touch together!


Enjoy a full-body holistic massage side by side in our cosy therapy room, complete with your choice of scented oils and music, heated blankets and extra-padded massage couches and cushions to ensure ultimate comfort. We'll tailor the massages to each of you, bringing you and your partner back to yourselves and your bodies and ensuring you leave refreshed, restored and revitalised.

We offer slots of 60, 90 and 120 minutes. We’ll welcome you into our cosy therapy room and spend some time exploring what you both need from your massage, even if it’s as simple as “to relax”. Then we’ll let you get comfortable side by side on the cushioned massage tables. There’ll be a room divider available, so that you can get undressed with privacy. You’ll have your choice of music and scented aromatherapy oils, and we’ll let you zone out and enjoy the experience. After the massage, we’ll leave a few minutes for you to get dressed and soak it all in before your session ends.

Scroll down to pick your preferred massage duration, and come shed the stress in blissful relaxation.

“Me and my mum had our massage today and it was absolutely wonderful the best people and a very beautiful environment very warming, welcoming and overall such a wonderful experience, our new massage therapists♥️♥️."

Emily M.

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