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What we offer

Every Owlfinch massages is a holistic experience: individually tailored - letting you choose the areas, pressure and emphases you prefer in a massage. We are trained in a variety of techniques that we can use to make your experience unique, including Swedish, deep tissue, joint mobilisation, head, face and light skin massage.


It should go without saying, but please be assured that all of our massages are professional, respectful and entirely non-sexual. You'll be given privacy to change, and draped throughout - we'll uncover only the area we're working on at the time.

Couples Massage

1 hour - £120

Couples Massages are a wonderful way to celebrate any and all special occasions (anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.). They’re also a great start to a romantic night, the perfect ending to a relaxing weekend, or ideal as quality time away from work and worries! You don’t need an excuse to take the time to reap the physical, mental, and emotional  benefits of healing touch together. 


And just to be clear, couples come in all shapes, colours and sizes! All relationships between consenting adults are welcome here.


A session lasts one hour. During that hour, we will explore what you both need from your massage, even if that is as simple as “to relax”, then we’ll let you get comfortable side by side on the massage tables on top of heated blankets. You’ll have your choice of music and scented oils, and we’ll let you zone out and enjoy the experience. After the massage, we’ll leave a few minutes for you to get dressed and soak it all in before your session ends.

Massage for Two

1 hour - £120

Same as a couples massage minus the romance - friends, family and any pair of loved ones can enjoy this experience and derive the same benefits.

You'll still be able to enjoy your massages in the same cosy space, and of course you'll be fully draped and we can provide a room divider for privacy while dressing.

Four-Handed Massage

1 hour - £120

A rare luxury treatment for one offered in only a hand-ful of locations. Enjoy two massages at the same time, as both our therapists effortlessly coordinate to provide you with a magical and transcendental experience. An immersion of the senses that all but guarantees full relaxation unlike any other.

Individual massage

1 hour - £60

A holistic massage from one of our two excellent therapists on staff: Swedish and deep tissue techniques combined to bring you a tailored experience that will offer you exactly what you need at that moment: Rest, Restoration, Relaxation, or even a Remedial approach to soothe those tense muscles.

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Head Massage
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