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Four Hands Massage

Two massages at the same time

A rare luxury treatment for one offered in only a hand-ful of massage practices! Enjoy two massages at the same time, as both our therapists effortlessly coordinate to provide you with a magical and transcendental experience. An immersive sensory experience that all but guarantees full relaxation unlike any other. Perfect as a gift (check out our vouchers), to celebrate a special occasion, or to take time for yourself to truly unwind. You don’t need an excuse to take the time to reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of self-care through immersive healing touch!

A skilful and extraordinary experience that any massage lover should experience at least once. It offers the full benefits of a regular massage, and then some! The slow, deliberate, flowing movements of four hands at the same time are carefully coordinated to allow your mind to fully let go, finally unable to keep track of all the calming sensory input. This deep relaxation will allow us to work the muscles and release tension faster and more effectively, and leave you feeling like you're walking on air! 


A session lasts one hour. We’ll welcome you into our cosy therapy room and spend some time exploring what you need from your massage, even if it’s as simple as “to relax”. Then we’ll let you get comfortable on our cushioned massage table, complete with a heated blanket. You’ll have your choice of music and scented aromatherapy oils, and we’ll let you zone out and enjoy the experience. After the massage, we’ll leave a few minutes for you to get dressed and soak it all in before your session ends.

“I couldn't recommend the 4 hand massage more! the ultimate luxurious experience to relax the soul. An ocean of calm washed over me - thank you Adriano and Phaedra! "

Adam T.

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