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Massage Workshops for Two

Receive a massage and learn to give it to your partner! Enjoy quality time and develop skills you can use at home

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A unique, bespoke experience

Perfect for romantic partners, family members, or close friends! Relax together and learn a new way to connect in a cosy, no-pressure environment.

Give and receive

In each 2hr workshop, you receive 3 massages each! 2 from our professional therapists and one from each other as you learn the same sequence under our expert guidance.

Learn the language of touch

You'll be so relaxed you won't even notice you're learning, but you'll take home real massage skills and techniques. Inagine being able to exchange heavenly foot rubs while watcing TV, or coming home from work to a face massage. Bliss!

Perfect for beginners

All levels of ability and experience are welcome! Our friendly therapists support you to learn at your own pace and to tailor your touch to each other and to your unique connection.

Accessible learning materials

Includes a digital booklet detailing the whole massage sequence you learnt and packed with helpful hints and tips so you can keep what you learned fresh and practise at home.

Goodie bags

Besides the amazing new skills you've learnt, you'll each take home a lovingly assembled gift bag containing massage oil, chocolate, and other little touches to pamper yourselves with.

Learn skills to enhance relaxation,
connection and quality time with your loved one! 

What happens at a workshop?

It's 2 hour session with four of us in the room: the two of you and the two of us. We'll start with a quick chat to get to know you, your expectations and your level of experience. We'll share some of the principles of massage which serve to guide and inform our approach to intentional touch.

Then you'll both receive a 15-minute massage from us so you can relax and get a feel for what it's like to receive this type of touch. Next, you'll take it in turns to learn the same sequence by performing it on each other. This is a chill, no-pressure learning process (often very relaxing to the giver as well as the receiver!). The two of us will be demonstrating on each other and guiding you every step of the way at a comfortable pace.

Finally, you both get to fully relax side-by-side once more and enjoy the professional version from the two of us while you let your new learning sink in. That's three massages each in two hours!

What else is included?

You'll each go home with a:

  • Goodie bag (massage oil, chocolate, and other lovely little treats to pamper yourselves with)

  • PDF guide to the sequence (so you don't need to worry about taking notes or forgetting anything)

  • Stamp on a loyalty card (get all 3 for 50% off your next 1hr Couples Massage For Two)

  • Sense of blissful relaxation and wellbeing, and an inspiring new set of skills to use at home!

What will we learn to massage?

There are three workshops to choose from, each 2hrs in length and teaching a massage sequence tailored to each body area:


  • Head & Face

  • Hands & Arms

  • Feet & Calves


The sequence you learn will be adaptable and we'll share how to make it your own. Each sequence makes use of a variety of types of touch and massage techniques. You can perform each one in 15-minutes (or less!) or easily extend it to 30 minutes or 60.

What if we want to learn to massage the whole body, or a different area?

These three areas have been carefully chosen - the head, hands and feet are very sensitive, densely packed with nerve endings, and all three often carry habitual tension that gives a lovely feeling of full-body relaxation when it's eased. If you've never had a face, hand or foot massage, you might be amazed!

These areas are also easy to reach, and you won't need to buy a massage table. We've designed these workshops to be an accessible, low-commitment introduction to the joys of massage. Plus, you'll build skills like communication and mindful attention, which will enrich other touch in your life - you'll likely find your shoulder rubs get a lot better too, for example!

Do we have to be in a romantic relationship?

Not at all! We welcome any pair who are comfortable offering each other comforting touch, and nothing we cover is romantic or sexual. Close friends and relatives can absolutely benefit from relaxing touch!

Will I have to undress?

You'll be clothed throughout. You only need to remove clothing (or roll up sleeves, etc.) as far as necessary to allow access to your hands/arms, feet/calves, or face/head.

Will I have to massage anyone other than my partner?

Nope! You'll both be receiving massage from us, and you'll watch us demonstrate on each other, but your partner is the only person you'll be massaging - our goal is to help you nurture the connection between you, after all!

Will I need a massage table or other equipment to massage at home?

Definitely not! Our mission is to make massage accessible and send you home with an adaptable sequence you can easily use on chairs, the sofa, a bed, or even the floor. Tools and gadgets are purely optional (you have excellent massage tools on the end of your arms already). All we'll be using is a little massage oil, and we'll send you home with a small bottle each so you're ready to go!

“An incredibly friendly and relaxed environment, so you feel comfortable learning and exploring alongside your partner. We felt like we learnt so much by watching Phaedra and Adriano step through the techniques, demonstrating how they check in and communicate for the best experience, before then practicing ourselves under their supportive guidance."

Serge RG.

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Book all 3 and get the 3rd half price!

If you're booking all 3 workshops at the same time, just let us know in the booking form and you'll get 50% off the 3rd workshop (on top of any other sales or discounts)!

You can pay now and redeem later - you don't need to schedule all 3 upon booking.

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