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Workplace Massage

We offer our bespoke massage services to companies who want to create happy, healthy and invigorated workspaces. 

We help reduce postural aches, pain and tension, while also offering a few minutes of rest and mindfulness, refreshing the mind and renewing motivation.

On-site Chair Massage

We come to you with our massage chairs and equipment and set up in a quiet room. 

Employees are given a short and relaxing clothed and oil-free massage one after the other, before returning to work. 

This can be a half day or a full day booking, with slots ranging from 10-30mins.

This service has previously been oversubscribed and hugely appreciated by staff members. 

Self-Massage Workshop

We offer an in person or online workshop on how to effectively massage yourself in your home or at your desk. 

We demonstrate techniques and staff follow along, getting real experience on how to utilise this on a day to day basis.

Self-massage techniques can offer instant relief from pain and discomfort without fancy equipment or any expense. 

Visiting our Clinic

We have a lovely clinic in Clifton where we can offer two oil massages at a time on our heated massage tables. Those can range from 45' to 1 hour slots. 

You can bulk buy discounted vouchers as Christmas or bonus gifts for staff to redeem at their leisure, or book a day to send two employees at a time to enjoy a revitalising break from tension and stress.

We are also open to collaborations - offering you a company-wide discount code in exchange for promotion.  Enquire below or email us HERE.

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The Alma Vale Centre, 

30 Alma Vale Rd, Clifton, 

Bristol (UK), 



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